REMINDER: Early Bird Rates To Last Till June 28, 2020

REMINDER: Early Bird Rates To Last Till June 28, 2020

Dear Fellow Runners,

As the coronavirus outbreak has been spreading, disrupting every aspect of our life in recent months, running faces no exception. Having considered all the lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing and travel restrictions recently imposed by governments around the world to halt the virus spread, Halong Bay Heritage Marathon organizers have decided to keep the Early Bird rates in place through June 28.

Please take a look at the rate incentives now on offer, sign up and prepare to compete on one of the world's most beautiful running courses on the shore of Ha Long Bay, the World’s Natural Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO.

For more details, click here.

Please don't forget that many more interesting benefits will soon be announced, so stay tuned with the latest updates on our Halong Bay Heritage Marathon website and Facebook fan page.

RACE DATE: November 22, 2020


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