Special Thanks to Volunteers

Special Thanks to Volunteers

The Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2020 has ended with the safe participation of some 2,500 runners, having competed on colorful running tracks and in the vibrant, energetic atmosphere on the shore of the beautiful Ha Long Bay.

If Ha Long’s weather welcomed runners with all its best possible things, such as the sky that can't be bluer or the sea breeze that can't be cooler, the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2020 has brought the best experience, with the amazingly enthusiastic team of volunteers.

Besides the joy gained by the runners from exploring Ha Long, the enthusiasm, sense of responsibility and dedication by the Quang Ninh Bicycle Club members, the 84RCAE's pacer group, photographers, Crew members, medical staff and security officers etc. have scored a very nice impression among all the participating marathoners so each person would bring home a greater love for Ha Long and the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon. You all can be proud to have done wonderful things for Quang Ninh and the beautiful city of Ha Long.

Special Thanks to Volunteers

Dear Volunteers,

Thank you very much for joining the Organizing Committee to make the marathon a success! Thank you for your sweat, your quiet contributions, dedication and hard work. The Organizers look forward to your companionship with the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2021!





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