Special Chance for Groups

Special Chance for Groups

The Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that the Special Promotion Policy for groups competing in the Halong Heritage Marathon 2021 will come into force between January 31 and October 10, 2021 with the following details:

Policy for Groups

Number of runners

Discount rate



Group 5

From 5


All distances

Jan 31- Oct 10, 2021

Group 10

 From 10


All distances

Jan 31- Oct 10, 2021  

Group 15

 From 15


All distances

Jan 31- Oct 10, 2021  

Group 20

From 20


All distances

Jan 31- Oct 10, 2021  


The above preferential discount rates will be applied to the list fees published at each specific point of time.

Currently, the announced fees for the first registration are the SUPER SPECIAL AND ONLY PROMOTION rates of the year which are valid until February 24, 2021. The Organizers' published rates now can be found at https://bit.ly/3sgQWco.

Clubs and groups should make sure not to miss this special opportunity.

For the first-timers, please quickly find yourselves a team in order to enjoy the super attractive and only rates of 2021!

The Organizers will add more activities to make the Halong Heritage Marathon 2021 truly become a vibrant festival full of a carnival colors on the shores of Ha Long Bay, a World Natural Heritage.

Register now to enjoy the super incentives and be a part of the Marathon Carnival under the Halong Heritage Marathon!


Race Date: November 7, 2021.




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