Conquering Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2020, Don't Forget STARBALM

Conquering Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2020, Don't Forget #STARBALM

Starbalm Vietnam team is ready to support marathoners anytime, anywhere on the running tracks of the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2020.

The Ha Long Heritage running course is ready to welcome all runners on Sunday morning, November 22, 2020.

Cramps, muscle strains or sprains are no longer a concern thanks to Starbalm.

Let #Spray_STARBALM accompany you, fuel your race to go straight to the Finish as it can:

 Rapidly block the trauma area with deep cooling technology, reducing swelling and pain instantly.

Easily treat injuries with just one spray.

Provide 360-degree spray technology, a spray under any angle.

Use directly as soon as pain appears.

 Contain absolutely safe and fast-acting herbal ingredients.

👉 Now runners just need to get mentally prepared to conquer themselves and enjoy the wonderful running tracks of Ha Long Bay Heritage Marathon, and let injury be taken care of by STARBALM!

STARBALM - A comprehensive injury prevention package, a familiar companion for sports lovers - Top Dutch brand #SPORTCARE.


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Race Date: November 22, 2020




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