Safety Rules Amid The Pandemic

Safety Rules Amid The Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic still prolongs with complicated development globally, we have to comply with rules on ensuring safety in preventing and fighting the pandemic. The Organizing Committee of the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon would like to send to runners instructions on ensuring safety in prevention and control of the pandemic:

- Runners are required to make medical declaration at and install BlueZone app on their mobile phone before coming to receive the Race Kit;

- Runners will have their temperature measured when entering the Race Kit receiving area;

- Observing distancing at the Race Kit pickup area and the Start line;

- It is imperative that all runners and members of other units participating in the event wear mask and disinfect their hands before entering the Race Kit collection points, the Start and Finish areas;

- Professional units and volunteers must wear gloves at the event;

- Running categories have their start times divided into several slots, beginning from 05:30 am on November 22, 2020 and the area should be cleared right after each category is completed to ensure the number of runners gathering at the same place is not too high.


Race Date: Nov 22, 2020.





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