Thanking Letter to Runners

Dear Fellow Runners,

The Organizing Committee of the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2020 would like to send you warm greetings!

The Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2020 was successfully organized with the participation of nearly 2,500 runners. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic that has made most foreign runners unable to come to Vietnam, the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2020 still taking place as scheduled, having attracted the competition of thousands of athletes from all over the country, is a very proud effort of the Organizing Committee (Organizers) and of Vietnam's running community.

Thanking Letter to Runners

Thank you for your passion for long-distance running, for your love of the coastal city of Ha Long and beautiful Halong Bay. Thank you for responding to the invitation of the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2020. With us, being able to be at the running track, you are already a winner. We would like to send sincere congratulations to you.

Nearly 2,500 marathoners competing in this race has brought to Ha Long a particularly fresh and colorful festive atmosphere. The gazes, bright smiles and happy tears of the runners crossing the Finish line are testament to the success of the marathon. Thank you and thanks to all the runners for giving us happy moments to watch and feel your joy and happiness through every running step.

Thanking Letter to Runners

The Organizers have received positive feedback from runners during and after the event. However, we ourselves also understand that there is still much to do to make the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon a better, more interesting race, to make Ha Long truly become a desirable destination on the international marathon map. Please do not hesitate to give us the most sincere suggestions and advices, so we could further improve the organization with just one desire to have your companionship.

Please direct all comments to the Organizers' email address at:

Once again, on behalf of the Organizers, thank you very much for your participation! Let's all pray for the pandemic to quickly pass so we can further experience new joys of marathons. We wish you to always have the best health to further pursue your passion and inspire everyone to experience the beauty of marathons, especially of long-distance running in the beautiful Halong Bay.

Not only deserving to be one of the running tracks that should be experienced at least once in a lifetime, the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon course filled with joyful colors is also a great opportunity for runners and families to score happy moments, to receive the valuable energy granted by Mother Nature to Ha Long, and especially the opportunity to enjoy unique cuisine from diverse and fresh seafood...

Thanking Letter to Runners

Once again, we would like to thank you for joining the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2020!

The Organizers would like to say goodbye now and look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones at HBHM 2021.

Sincerely yours,







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