Halong Bay Heritage Marathon

Halong Bay Heritage Marathon

Race date: November 7, 2021


Halong Bay Heritage Marathon is one of the biggest, most professional and well-organized international marathons in Vietnam. It is normally held in November in Halong Bay, the World’s Natural Heritage Site internationally recognized by UNESCO.

The race aims at creating a healthy and active environment for running enthusiasts to challenge themselves as well as to meet and share their experiences. The design of the running tracks offers a unique stunning course across Bai Chay bridge, the longest single-span bridge in Southeast Asia, providing runners with a spectacular view from above to the magnificent Halong Bay. The route continues through picturesque spots of mountains and coastal lines along the bay and beautiful fishing villages.

The race starts and finishes at the Quang Ninh Planning, Fair and Exhibition Palace (Cung Quy hoạch, Hội chợ và Triển lãm Quảng Ninh) (Address: Tran Quoc Nghien street, Ha Long city). The Start/Finish line is at the central beachfront area, allowing easy access from other tourist sites in the area.

Join Halong Heritage Marathon 2021 – a convergent place for all running feet and nature lovers.


  1. Halong Bay Heritage Marathon’s Goals

It is aimed at promoting a healthy environment with a focus on physical exercises for Vietnamese in general, as well as expanding the long-distance running community in Vietnam and around the world.

The race seeks to amplify the sport spirit for participation, non-discrimination, equality, friendship and shared passion for running.

The marathon's organizers also target to make the event successful and enjoyable for runners, with the beauty of unique scenery attractions in Halong Bay.


  1. The Marathon's Advantages

Being a unique running course alongside the most beautiful and mesmerizing coastline of Halong Bay, the marathon has always been a must in your yearly running schedule.

Hosting one of the most well-organized marathons in Vietnam with the strong support from the provincial authority, Quang Ninh's Department of Culture and Sport, the organizers' mission and vision is to make it an annual world-class international race. Therefore, we are committed to perfecting ourselves through the organization of each marathon.

With diverse running distances: 42 km (full marathon), 21 km (half-marathon), 10 km and 4.2 km (Mini Marathon, starting from 2021), everyone can join and experience these unique running courses, as well as competing against elite runners in the most ideal weather and well-equipped, modern infrastructure.

Enjoy privileges with world-class services. Participants' need will be satisfied with the best hotel network in Vietnam and a mesmerizing cruise tour of Halong Bay.


  1. Weather and Temperature

Halong Bay is located in the North of Vietnam. Its climate is characterized by four distinct seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

To foreigners, especially those who live in the temperate zone, the most suitable time to visit Halong Bay is from September to March, in the seasons of Autumn, Winter and Spring when the weather is cool and dry.

From April to August, the weather is Summer. This is also time to observe much cloud and frequent drizzle with very high average humidity (95 - 100%). It is hot with typhoons and heavy rain in late Summer.

Halong Bay’s beauty especially shines in November, when the weather is relatively cold as it switches from Autumn to Winter with light wind and glittering sunlight. Imagine lazing out on the sundesk of a wooden cruiser in the middle of the bay, watching the sunset and dawn after running a marathon held next to one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. How tranquil and relaxing will that feel?

The temperature in November varies from 15-18°C (59 -64.4° F), an ideal temperature for marathoners to complete their runs without breaking a sweat. All you will need in such wonderful weather is a light jacket and you’re set for the race.

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  1. Race Information

The marathon has a mostly-flat course, which will lead you to discover the bay in each running step, from the mesmerizing coastline and fishing villages, to the record-breaking bridge with a panoramic view. A gentle slope that leads to the Bai Chay bridge will be a little challenge to those who want to take full and half-marathon.

With this unique course by the world-recognized heritage bay, you can take amazing photos anywhere.

Surface: The entire track is covered by bitumen.

A part of the race will take place on open streets shared with various means of transport, as traffic cannot be blocked for the whole route. However, there will be police, security guards and volunteers, so runners will have priority over other road users. Please follow their instructions.

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