Every country has its own set of beliefs and superstitions, and Vietnam is no exception. Just like its other Asian counterparts, these superstitions are very notable during the Lunar New Year festival. “You’re not suppose to cry or be sad during the New Year's days, it’ll bring you bad luck.” Cleaning is also out of the question and apparently you should eat certain food for luck.



For other times of the year, there are a plethora of superstitious “dos” and “don’ts” which most people here in Vietnam do generally comply. Trying to make sense of it all is quite a difficult task as Western ideologies and science can’t explain it. We’ve compiled a list below of interesting Vietnamese superstitions:


• You should avoid drinking a lot of beverages with ice as ice is believed to cause a sore throat and lead to sickness.

• If you come across a wedding its consider bad luck, however if you happen to come across a funeral, it's good luck.

• Avoid wearing a white band, scarf, or cloth around your head as it is symbolic of death, which is why mourners wear white clothes around their heads at funerals.

• Vietnamese people also believe it is a very bad idea to play with your shadow and often reprimand children for doing so.

• You also shouldn’t shower after eating or late at night as it can caused significant illness.

• Some people sleep with knives under their pillow as a means to ward off evil or unwanted spirits.

• Don’t bang your utensils or chopsticks against your bowl as it is believed to call spirits.

• Also be wary of numbers as it can influence your luck. This is why many car owners strive for license plate numbers that are considered good or lucky.


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