RACE DAY: November 22, 2020


Start Time


5:30 am 42 km 
6:00 am 21 km
6:25 am 10 km 
6:35 am 5 km
9:30 -10:45 am Awarding Ceremony


Distance Cut-off time Cut-off Place
 42 km 9:00 am Turning Point 42 km
10:00 am At 30th km
11:00 am At 35th km
12:00 am Finish Line
21 km 8:00 am Turning Point  of 21 km
9:30 am Finish Line


Age Limits

42-km Marathon: Above 16 years old on the Race Day.

21-km Half Marathon: Above 16 years old on the Race Day.

10-km Run: Above 14 years old on the Race Day.

05-km Fun Run: Above 10 years old on the Race Day.


The Start/Finish Line

The Start/Finish Line: The Quang Ninh Planning, Fair and Exhibition Center (Tran Quoc Nghien street, Hong Hai, Hon Gai, Halong city, next to the Museum and Library of Halong.

The Start/Finish Line is at the central beachfront area, allowing easy access from other tourist sites in the area.

Runners are required to be at the Start Line 30 minutes before the start of the race.

We provide free transportations to the Start Line for runners who will stay in our official hotels in Halong. Details of transportation schedules will be announced to runners and on our website 10 days prior to the race.

Runners shall register for the free transportation service via the link provided in the email sent from the Organizer.

The list of HBHM's official hotels will be published in the same email.

You can take taxi to the Start Line if you stay at other hotels. Please ask your hotel reception for assistance. It takes about 20 minutes (around 8 to 10 km) from Bai Chay to the Start Line at Hon Gai island.


Terms & Conditions

Runners must read, understand and agree with Terms & Conditions of Halong Bay Heritage Marathon upon registration for the race. By taking the Bib, each runner accepts the Terms and Conditions of Participation.


BIB Number

All runners must wear the official Bib number that will be handed out before the race in the Race Kit.

The Bib must be worn visible during the race on the front of the runner's body.

Runners cannot participate without Bib.

The place to get the Race Kit: to be announced within the first two weeks of November.


Kilometer Signs

Kilometer signs can be found along the entire route. Owing to the conditions, however, they may be placed with “+/- meters” from the exact point. The signs are therefore only for orientation and runners shouldn’t calculate speed based only on the signs.


Race Officials and Supporters

English-speaking volunteers, supporters from the Organizers, police department, other authorized agencies and DHA Vietnam are in charge of the event with full support to the athletes.


Official Medial Team

The Official Medical Teams including doctors and ambulance are in charge of the event and running courses. All decisions made by security officials and medical teams are final. This also includes removing a participant from the race if needed due to health conditions.


Water and Refreshment Points (RP)

Facilities such as first aid, refreshments (water, electrolytic drinks) and banana can be found every 3 km to 4 km.

Please throw the empty cup into the dust bin to avoid obstructing fellow runners.


Own Refreshment

Every athlete has the opportunity to position his/her own provision (energy gels, food, drinks, clothes, etc.)  throughout the course.

Please clearly mark your bottle with the RP (Refreshment Points) number you want to put it and your Bib number in order to find it easily. 

The points where you can place your own refreshment are the following: RP at Turning point of 21 km and RP at Turing point of 42 km.

You can only drop it off during the race kit pickup.


Time Chip Measurement

The official time measurement is done by a professional timing agency, Sportstats Asia.

You will have the chip attached to the back of your Bib. Please do not fold the Bib.

For a perfect, correct time measurement and certified race results, you MUST pass all the mats at the start, finish and checkpoints on the course.


Race Results

There will be live timing during the race.

The results will be posted immediately after the event.



If you wish to score a certain time, you can follow our pacemakers.

How do I recognize them?

  • They wear big colored balloons with the time print.
  • T-Shirts with the time print.



Marathon runners participates at their own risk.

By taking the Bib, each runner accepts the Terms and Conditions of Participation.

Furthermore, he also declares that he did a health check performed by a specialist at least 3 months before the race.

Please fill in the form for the Online Health Questionnaire.


Bag Drop

Open hours: from 5:00 am to 12:30 pm

There will be Bag Drop at the starting venue. You can check-in your personal bag at Bag Drop Booth. However, we highly recommend you leave all valuable items at your hotel.

Belongings on race day: Please leave all personal belongings in a bag or backpack. Please mark your personal belongings clearly with your name and Bib. Do not place any valuables among the items you hand in on race day. Although the personal belongings are under staff surveillance, the Organizers cannot be held responsible for any lost items and/or does not take any responsibility for stolen or damaged objects.


Runner’s Briefing

The pre-race briefing will take place in our official hotel in Halong in the afternoon of the day before the Race Day to provide runners all necessary and useful information for the competition.

The detailed schedule will be announced to all runners 7 - 10 days prior the race day.


Photo Opportunities

The Organizers will arrange professional photographers and video cameramen at some nice view locations of the running course and at the Finish Line.

The photo service is not free. Runners can pay for their photos in line with the Organizers' announcement.


Vietnam's Entry Visa and Accommodation Notice to the Organizers

All foreign runners are responsible for the purpose of visiting Vietnam, including the participation in HBHM, during their visa application and immigration.

According to the security regulation and policies from the Quang Ninh provincial authority for any international events, foreigners are required to share accommodation information during their stay in Halong with the Organizers. If you don't choose our official hotels, please inform us your hotel address at least 3 weeks before the Race Day.

The Organizers disclaim all responsibilities if you deny providing us your hotel information in Halong.


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