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Article 1: Date, Timing, and Location     

1.1. Race Date: (to be confirmed)

1.2. Location of the marathon:

The Start line for all the distances will be at the Quang Ninh Planning, Fair and Exhibition Palace, running through Halong city streets, passing the Bai Chay bridge to get to Bai Chay and Tuan Chau before returning to reach the Finish line at the same Quang Ninh Planning, Fair and Exhibition Palace (a detailed map is included).

1.3. Categories: Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2021 consists of 4 categories: 42.195 km, 21.097 km, 10 km and 5 km.

1.4. Timing



Cut-off time


42 km


11:30 (6.5 hours)


21 km


 9:00 (3.5 hours)


10 km


8:00 (2.0 hours)


 5 km




1.5. Time limit

The Cut-off time is designated for each distance as above. The runners who fail to complete their distance within the time limit will have to exit the race track, or they shall have to use the sidewalk to finish the race, but the performance will not be counted as the race completion. While running on the sidewalk, runners need to observe all traffic rules for pedestrians. As for the 42.195-km distance, the race's Organizing Committee (Organizers) will calculate the limited time (Cut off) at each 5-km interval, runners need to make sure to complete the distance within the specified time, there will be a ROC representative to take records of the race ending, remind and invite the runners who do not complete within the time limit to leave the race. Refreshment points and medical assistance, which are available at each section of three to five kilometers, will be closed after the time limit.

1.6. Official time

The official time is measured from the moment the runner crosses the starting line to that when he crosses the finish line. The official time is measured electronically (in real time) and timing chips are installed in the Bib. Runners are required to have their Bibs attached to their bodies from the starting line to the finishing line in order for their time to be registered. Results are rounded up to the nearest second.

1.7. At the Start line

Runners shall register their best results achieved in the past races, based on which the ROC will allocate their starting position in line with international practice. Those who do not register their results will be placed in the last group to start. Runners are asked to remain within their designated area and follow directions when moving to the starting point. Failure to follow will lead to disqualification.

1.8. At the Finish line

The top three ranks in each category (excluding the group category) are defined based on the actual rank of each runner touching the cross-section of the Finish line (Timing results are not counted for ranking the first three).

1.9. The Organizers reserve the right to change the course if necessary. The change, if any, will be advised in advance to runners and related parties.


Article 2: Runners

Runners who are Vietnamese citizens and foreigners who fully meet the terms and conditions of the marathon's regulations, facing no disciplinary measures set by any national, international federation, association or authorities, are allowed to compete in the marathon.

- Runners competing in the 42-km distance must be 18 years old or older.

- Runners competing in the 21-km distance must be 16 years old or older.

- Runners aged below 16 must have a responsible guardian and sign a "disclaimer".


Article 3: Prize

3.1 Winners of the 42-km, 21-km, 10-km and 5-km races will receive trophies and prizes in cash and/or services (if any). Prizes in cash are subject to a 10-percent personal income tax in line with Vietnam’s taxation law. Prizes in kind or vouchers and/or services with value equivalent to the cash value cannot be converted into cash.

3.2. For additional information on prizes, visit here.

3.3. The Organizers have the right to cancel any athlete’s results and prizes if any violations of the race’s terms and conditions are found.

3.4. Any questions or complaints about prizes must be sent to the Organizers within 24 hours after the prize awarding ceremony. Any questions or complaints about personal results must also be sent within 24 hours after the race finishes. For late complaints, the Organizers will consider the severity of the situation presented and come up with an appropriate decision.

3.5. The time for receiving the prize is valid only for one month from the date the Organizers announced the prize.

3.6. The runner's rank is the actual rank achieved by the runner in each content/form of competition.

3.7. Prize award:

The Organizers will award prizes immediately after determining the rankings of the top runners in each distance.

3.8. To receive the prize, the winner must complete the following procedures:

- Fill out the application form for prize reception

- Prepare a copy of ID card/passport

- Sign the personal income tax commitment (Form 02/CK-TNCN)

In case the runner lacks one of the above documents, the Organizers have the right to refuse to hand over the prize and ask the winning runner to make full document supplement to receive the prize.


Article 4: Timing chip

Runners participating in the 42-km, 21-km and 10-km marathon will receive a timing chip. Runners are responsible of taking care of their timing chips in order for their results to be valid. The Organizers are not responsible for cases of failure to record correct timing if the chip is damaged after being handed over to the runner or his proxy.


Article 5: Terms on Registration and Confirmation

5.1. Runners living abroad must register online on the marathon's website. In case runners encounter difficulties or technical problems when registering directly, the Organizers will support by other forms of registration and payment.

5.2. One runner registering twice in the same Halong Bay Heritage Marathon; use a false name; providing false date of birth, fake gender, fake photo... is considered ineligible to participate in the race.

5.3. Runners participating in the 42-km, 21-km and 10-km distances will receive a Race Kit including a Bib, a chip for measuring the performance, a T-shirt, a bag and the Instruction Manual.

5.4. Runners competing in the 5-km distance will receive a Race Kit including a Bib, a T-shirt and the Instruction Manual.

5.5. Registration age

5.5.1. The 5-km distance: no age restriction.

5.5.2. The 10-km distance: participants must be 14 years old or older (born in 2007 or earlier).

5.5.3. The 21-km, 42-km distances:

- For the 21-km distance: runners must be at least 16 years (born in 2005 or earlier);

- For the 42-km distance: runners must be at least 18 years (born in 2003 or earlier);

Runners should be solely responsible for having all rights, including but not limited to having parental permission, to make the registration for attendance in accordance with the regulations of the Organizers and to fulfil other related requirements for registration, such as the use of a credit or debit card to pay the registration fee.

- In case the runner is under the prescribed age, the legal guardian/guardian must sign a guarantee and take full responsibility for the safety and possible risks to the guaranteed.

5.6. In the event that an individual is the representative and/or authorized to register and/or receive a Race Kit for another person or a group of runners, he or she must make a commitment that he/she has been authorized to act on behalf of that person and/or that group of people in making registrations and receiving the Race Kits. For registration through a representative or an authorized person, all the provisions of this charter apply as fully as to direct registration.

5.7. After the runner has submitted the registration form and paid the registration fee, the Organizers will not refund for the registration fee under any circumstances. Participants are not allowed to change their personal information or transfer the participation rights to any third party after their registration and completion of the payment.

5.8. Any distance change is accepted when the request is made before the deadline specified in Article 1.1. The runner will have to pay the difference of the registration fee for the running distance, in case the new distance has a higher registration fee than that of the original race, and the balance will not be refunded if the new distance has a fee below that of the original distance.

5.9. In case the runner overpays the registration fee, the Organizers will refund the overpaid fee to the runner via the online payment system.

5.10. The Organizers are not responsible for delays in the event that applications are not processed due to Internet connection errors, and/or due to the fault of a third party, which is the institution executing the payment. The registration is considered valid only based on the time the payment shows up on the Organizers' account.

5.11. The provisions in Article 5.10 also apply to the Organizers' discount and promotion programs.

5.12. The time within which editing personal information (such as ID number, gender, date of birth, email...), should there be a mistake, will be supported by the Organizers until the date the registration ends.


Article 6: Runner’s commitment to law, safety and personal property

6.1. Runners must abide by all legal regulations of the government of Vietnam.

6.2. Runners must comply with the regulations on sports competition and do not use stimulants. The Organizers have the right to request the winning runner to provide a urine sample for a doping test, should there be any doubt about the use of doping. Runners are required to provide urine samples to the Organizers.

6.3. When joining the race, the runner commits to having sufficient physical conditions to participate with the registered distance and the time required by the Organizers to complete the running distance. Runners are committed to understanding their own health limits and being self-aware when to stop physical activity before injury can emerge.

6.4. If, for any reason, a runner does not finish the running course before the official cut-off time stipulated in Articles 1.2. and 1.5., the Organizers have the right to request him to stop and there will be no compensations, including financial compensation and/or other compensations derived from this request.

6.5. Runners must understand all risks associated with marathon and the running course, including but not limited to tripping and falling, contact with other runners on the track, the effects of weather, traffic, road conditions, from minor injuries to serious injuries, and even death. Runners must be solely responsible for all their safety and health issues throughout the running course and undertake to disclaim responsibility for the Organizers.

6.6. The Organizers will buy public liability insurance and personal insurance for runners participating in the race. Therefore, to ensure their rights, runners need to provide complete and accurate personal information (date, month, year of birth, ID/ID card number) in their registration sent to the Organizers. If the information provided by the runner is incomplete or inaccurate, the Organizers and the insurance company will not be responsible.

6.7. It is the responsibility of the runner to carefully research the running track before the official race date and take full responsibility if running the wrong way leading to failure to complete the course or not having the achievement recognized.

6.8 Bib:

6.8.1. The name on the Bib must exactly match the name on the runner's ID or passport as per his registration.

6.8.2. Runners must wear their Bib (issued prior to the race date) all the time during the race. The Bib must be affixed to the front of the runner's chest and must be worn at all times. Any exchange, sale, present or transfer of the Bib to another person without the written approval of the Organizers is considered a violation of the running rules. The Organizers have the right to stop the competition, not to recognize the results of those runners who wear Bibs that do not match the Organizers' registration list.

6.8.3. In case the Organizers detect a runner competing while wearing a Bib that belongs to another runner, the runner and the Bib owner will have their results cancelled, and at the same time lose the right to attend the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon in the following year.

6.9. Personal belongings

Runners shall leave personal belongings in a bag or backpack and mark clearly with their Bibs. Do not place any valuables among the items to be handed over at the Organizers' counters.

6.10. The Organizers are not responsible for any damage caused by:

- Illnesses or accidents (including emergency treatment);

- Loss or damage of personal belongings.

- Late arrival due to difficulties and/or traffic problems, or due to road conditions.

6.11. Medical care

The Organizers will provide first aid or professional medical care for any injury, illness or accident and in case of necessity, refer the patient to the nearest hospital. The runner will be responsible for covering expenses of emergency medical care and treatment.


Article 7: Prohibitions

The Organizers have the right to ban a runner from joining the marathon and/or continue to run once the race has started, if they are found as violating the following rules:

7.1. Runners are not allowed to use any wheeled vehicles while running (such as skateboard, rollerblade, shoes with wheels attached, bicycle, motorbike, etc.).

7.2. Runners are strictly prohibited from using doping and any other substances listed in the Prohibited List provided by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Runners are not allowed to use stimulants, drugs as well as medicines that increase the feeling of excitement when in competition.

7.3. Runners are not allowed to any assistance other that those designated by the Organizers (such as water, nutritional intakes, partners etc.).

7.4. Runners must follow the running course layout. Anyone attempting to leave the course without referee’s permission will be considered violation and immediately disqualified. Anyone attempting to shorten the length of the course (taking shortcuts) will also be disqualified. Shortcuts can be detected by referees or monitoring devices and video. The final decision belongs to the Organizers.

7.5. Runners need to run through the starting mat, the test rugs on the running track and the finishing carpet, otherwise it will result in failure to complete the course. Any runner whose signal is not captured by all the chip mats will be considered as failing to complete the race.

7.6. Runners are not allowed to have behaviors and words that are harassing, inciting the crowd, causing riots, damaging or bringing harms to the race.

7.7. Do not bring unrelated equipment to the marathon; do not bring any weapon, sharp or pointed objects that can harm others.

7.8. Do not bring any document, fliers which are unrelated to the marathon, or those with content opposing or being against the State and the people of Vietnam; or content that is not in line with Vietnam’s traditions.

7.9. Do not wear offensive costume, inappropriate to Vietnam's culture, or those carrying the image that opposes the State and the people of Vietnam; against the policy of the Communist Party and the State of Vietnam. Do not run with the whole face covered or topless body.

7.10. Runners must not violate traffic rules while on the running course. If a runner commits a violation, he will be fully responsible before the laws of the State of Vietnam and must compensate the damage caused to the Organizers (if any).

7.11. Foreign runners have the responsibility to declare themselves and to make sure their purpose of entry into Vietnam to participate in the race when applying for visa and entry procedures in Vietnam. The runners are also responsible for informing the Organizers about their accommodation address while participating in the race.

7.12. Runners must not conduct activities that may cause delays, such as: dancing, changing clothes, playing musical instruments, raising funds, asking for signatures... Runners do not obstruct the race by failing to comply with instructions by the Organizers. Runners are not allowed to use toilets outside the designated areas.


Article 8: Delay, cancellation and Force Majeure

8.1. Runners will not get refund of the registration fee should the race be cancelled/delayed under any reason.

8.2. After completing registration and payment, runners cannot ask the Organizers for refunds relating to the registration for any reason.

8.3. In case of unfavourable weather or unforeseen circumstances, the Organizers will notify the runners of the cause before the Race day. The Organizers can delay the event and are responsible for notifying the runners of the date to which the event is delayed.  


Article 9: Images/Photo Copyright

The Organizers reserve all the rights and copyright to use any articles, photos, videos, and any data of this race, and the right to use these materials for the official website, social media sites or/and for media outlets for the purpose of marketing and promoting the Race.

Copyright of this information includes, but is not limited to, names and information such as age, address (place of birth, province, and city) of the runners mentioned in the article related to the event.


Article 10: Rules and Regulations of the Race

All issues related to rules and regulations of the competition follow the stipulation of the marathon’s Terms and Conditions and current regulations of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) and the law on athletics.

For more information, visit http://aims-worldrunning.org


Article 11: Terms for Implementation

11.1 To ensure the safety of running, the Organizers will apply this rule throughout the race, for all runners. Runners who do not comply with the rules will be deemed ineligible to participate in the tournament.

11.2. If there is any dispute during the race regarding registration terms and conditions, achievements, results of the Marathon, the Organizers have privilege of making the final decision.

11.3. The Organizers reserve the right to change these terms and conditions in the event of an emergency without prior notice.


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