Halong Bay Heritage 2015

This is the Result of 2015 Half Marathon course. Scroll down these following tabs to find your result.After an impressive performance from all runners who participated in today’s International Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2015, it is our pleasure to announce the top 6 runners from today’s 21 kilometer half marathon. These outstanding runners received a medal, trophy, certificate confirming their performance as well as a cash prize. The third place finisher received $300, second place received $600 and finally the top runner received $1000 for their performance. Separating the runners into the male and female division, the top runners are listed below:
For the men’s division, coming in third place with a time of 1.30.52 was a Vietnamese national Nguyen Duc Quang, who’s apart of a growing running club. Placing second in the men’s division is AnatoliiGridnev from Russia with a time of 1.28.35. Finally, with the top time in the man’s division was Florian Deichmann from Germany with a time of 1.26.24 For the women’s division, we have AnetaRadaczewska from Poland with a time of 1.45.43. In second place with have Lisa Anderberg from the US with a time of 1.38.16.A special congratulations to our fastest female runner and overall champion with the fastest time among all participants, Pham Thi Hue from Vietnam. Hue posted a good time of 1.25.07 beating the second place finisher by over a minute. Once again thank you to all the runners who participated and helped making this year’s Halong Bay Heritage Marathon a success. Remember to train hard and we will see you next year.



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