1. Which international airport is closest to Halong Bay?

If you are flying from abroad to Vietnam, book a ticket to Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi and travel from Hanoi to Ha Long by car.

2. Can I fly to Ho Chi Minh City, then to Ha Long? How much time, which means of transport can I get there?

You can fly to Ho Chi Minh City and take another domestic route to Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi), or Cat Bi Airport in Hai Phong city. Next you can go from Hanoi to Ha Long by bus or taxi. Travel time is about 2 hours and 30 minutes by highway.

From Cat Bi (Hai Phong) you can get to Ha Long by taxi or car. Travel time is about 1 hour.

In addition, trains run between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The journey lasts about 36 hours.

3. Does Ha Long have an airport?

Near Ha Long city, there are two airports: Van Don airport (Quang Ninh), 50 km from Ha Long, and Cat Bi airport (Hai Phong), 60 km from Ha Long. It only takes over 1 hour to travel from these 2 airports to Ha Long by highway.



1. How far is it from Hanoi to Ha Long? How long does it take? What type of transport? Does the Organizing Committee have a shuttle?

The Hanoi-Halong distance is 160 km (by highway). It will take you around 2.5 hours by car. You can also go by minibus or taxi.

Before the race, the Organizers will arrange a bus (Hanoi-Ha Long-Hanoi) for runners, subject to the final confirmation.


2. Do the Organizers have shuttle bus for Hanoi-Halong and Halong-Hanoi trips? How is the fee?

The Organizers have Service Bus for players from Hanoi to Ha Long and from Ha Long back to Hanoi right after the race ends.

Please see details on the website: halongmarathon.com, Section: How to get to Halong Bay?



1. What hotel should I stay in Hanoi if I travel to Ha Long the next day?

You should stay in hotels around the Old Quarter. There are many hotels in Hoan Kiem district (which is downtown) with different prices and services to choose from. A room costs about USD 45-80/night.

2. What is the name of the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon official hotel? Is it Wyndham again? (As it was last year) If I stay in Wyndham, is there a shuttle bus from there?

The Organizers will announce the official hotel of the Race.

See update at: halongmarathon.com

3. Which hotel in Ha Long should I book so I can get easily to the Race venue?

You should book a hotel on Tran Quoc Nghien Street or Monbay Area. Room rates here are quite cheap and suitable for everyone. From here it takes several minutes to walk to the Start venue.



1. What's about Start/Finish line of the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon?

The Start/Finish line is at: The Quang Ninh Planning, Fair and Exhibition Palace (Tran Quoc Nghien street, Hon Gai, Ha Long city)

2. What is the cut-off time for the distances of 42 km and 21 km?

Please check details here.

3. Is the track flat or steep? Is there any slope, how many degrees?

The Halong Bay Heritage Marathon's course is flat. However, you will have to conquer Bai Chay bridge, the highest bridge in Southeast Asia, with 1,106 m of length and 50 m high. Bai Chay bridge is challenging, but also a great experience for all the athletes because the view from the bridge will help you capture and admire panorama of the majestic and beautiful Halong Bay.

4. Is the HBHM race track confirmed by IAAF/AIMS?

Yes, the Marathon's running track has been officially confirmed by the International Association of Athletics Federations and the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races.



5. When, where can I get a Race Kit?

You can pick up the Race Kit in Ha Long before the Race Day. The Organizers will send you an email to advise on the time and location to receive the Race Kit before the Race Day.

For further details please see here.

6. If I arrive in Ha Long late at night, can I get the Race Kit at the event early in the morning before the race?

You can still get the Race Kit early in the morning on the Race Day, at least 30 minutes before the Start. However, you need to email the Organizers for notification two weeks before the Race Day, so that the Organizers can arrange for you to receive the Race Kit in the morning of the event day.

7. When I complete the race, can I get a Finisher T-Shirt & medal?

Upon completion of the race, you will receive a Finisher T-Shirt & medal.

8. Do the Organizers have a pacer team?

Yes, we have arranged a Pacer team for the Marathon.



1. Is there a discount on group registration?

Group registration will be discounted: 5 percent for groups of 5 or more, 10 percent for groups of 10 or more and 20 percent for groups of 20 or more. If your group is larger (from 40 people or more), please contact the Organizers via hotline and email.

2. How to register as a group?

To register as a group, see the instructions here.


3. Why can't I register or pay?

Please contact the Organizers via email. We will assist you with registration and payment.

4. Why can't I edit personal information from my account?

Please contact the Organizers via email to get your support.

5. Why did I register and pay successfully, but did not see my Account?

Please contact the Organizers via email to get your support.

6. I want to take my family to Tour D/E but they will not run (only I run), how to register?

Please go to the normal registration site.

For your family members who only go on tour but won't run, please choose Option: 0 km when signing up for Tour (D/E).

7. I have successfully paid but have not seen the confirmation email.

Please contact the Organizers via email, they will support you.

8. My passport is being renewed. Can I use the old passport, and will update when I get the new passport number?

You can use the old passport. When a new passport is available, please notify the Organizers via email. The Organizers will assist you to change the new passport number on your account.

9. How to change the registered distance? Is there any charge?

Please go to your account or contact us via email to change the distance. If you choose a shorter distance, you will not be charged. If you choose a longer one, you'll have to pay additional fees, which are equal to the current price minus the amount you have paid.

10. My country blocks the link to your website, what should I do if I want to join?

Please contact us. We will assist you with your registration. Please contact us in advance prior to the Race Day when you arrive in Ha Long, and please pay us directly.

11. I've swiped the card twice, could I now ask for a refund from the Organizers?

Please tell us your Payment Code and Bib number. We will check and refund you.

12. I want my photo at the Marathon, how to register?

You can register to buy your photos in accordance with the instructions of the Organizers. The fee will depend on the number of images you wish to have.

13. What is the prize at the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon? Any cash on hand?

We will announce the prize on Fanpage.

14. I am signing up for Tour D/E but I don't want to share a room with strangers. How can it be done?

You will have to pay a Single Surcharge in line with the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon's tour registration period.


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