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Mid-September, 2019. As green trees are covered with honey poured by sunlight inside Van Mieu (Temple of Literature) in Hanoi and several groups of foreign tourists walk through the gate of Vietnam's first university built in 1070, someone stands back for a second to catch the breeze typical of this season in the Southeast Asian country's northern region.

Stories about traveling to Vietnam can be seen around the year. But publishing something fresh about the S-shaped country lying on the coast of the Pacific to stir up interest among western holiday makers, food lovers and adventurists right in the middle of autumn is exactly what CNN, a U.S. television channel, and British Telegraph can paint and bring to their domestic and international audience's attention.

In the articles, both published on September 13, on which falls the mid-autumn festival in Vietnam, the authors deliver the country as a unique destination, and in particular, as home of impressive cuisine.

"We went to eat, but came back with so much more," food aficionado Diana Henry said in the very beginning of her tale about her recent trip to Vietnam, carried by Telegraph, the online version of London-based The Daily Telegraph, a national British daily broadsheet newspaper.

Henry wrote that she fell in love with Vietnamese food three decades ago in a restaurant in London and has since making the food on her own.

"...But it’s hard to cook the food of a country you’ve never visited and I wanted to discover what I didn’t understand," wrote Henry, who is The Telegraph's award-winning cookery writer.

The trip that brought the writer and her sons to Vietnam included key stops across the country, from Hanoi, and its famous Old Quarter, in the north to the ancient town of Hoi An and the country's former citadel Hue in the central region to Ho Chi Minh City in the south.

Her experience with Vietnamese cuisine, be it street food with various smells, a cooking lesson with a master chef or several specific items she added to her list to cook at home made Henry understand her cooking so far lacks the greenery present in every Vietnamese recipe.

While all of Henry's four destinations, plus their special dishes, are present in the story written by Kate Springer for CNN Travel section, the author has gone further. Readers can catch here more exotic places and their flavors, from tea culture in the mountainous town of Sapa to an expedition in Son Doong, the world's largest cave in the central province of Quang Binh, to a cruise on the Mekong, the world's 12th longest river that runs on part of southern Vietnam before entering Bien Dong (or the East Sea in the Pacific ocean).

The CNN story gives brief descriptions of 13 destinations (as it was published on the 13th?), which also include Halong Bay, a UNESCO-recognized World’s Natural Heritage Site.

While most travelers arriving in Vietnam have seen the bay on the ground or from a height of a local mountain, Springer suggested helicopter tour, a service launched in June 2019, to capture the seascape, from the bay's islands to beaches and fishing villages.

Both Hanoi's Old Quarter and picturesque Halong are featured as the backdrop for the two best-organized marathons scheduled to take place in coming months: VPBank Hanoi Marathon on October 20 and Halong Bay Heritage Marathon on November 24.


Both the marathons have been certified by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).


Runner Lee Grantham arrived at the Finish line. He won the Champion title of the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2018.


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