5 KM (under 15)

*Start: Quang Ninh Planning, Fair and Exhibition Center - Tran Quoc Nghien - Bai Tho Bridge - Turning point - Bai Tho Bridge -Tran Quoc Nghien - Finish line at Quang Ninh Planning, Fair and Exhibition Center

*Finish: Quang Ninh Planning, Fair and Exhibition Center, Tran Quoc Nghien, Hong Gai, Halong, Quang Ninh

1. Race date: November 24, 2019

2. Race distances: 4 categories

  • 42.195-km Full marathon
  • 21.1-km Half-marathon
  • 10-km run
  • 5-km fun run

3. Age Limits

Please note the following age limits:

  • 42-km Marathon: Minimum 18 years old on race day.
  • 21-km Half Marathon: Minimum 18 years old on race day.
  • 10-km Run: Minimum 15 years old on race day.
  • 05-km Fun Run: Minimum 10 years old on race day.
  • 4. Terms & Conditions

  • You must read, understand, agree Terms & Conditions of Halong Bay Haritage Marathon upon registering for the race, sign on T&C and return it to the Organizer at Race Kit pickup.
  • Children under 10 years old who want to participate in 5 km, and those under 15 years old who want to participate in 5 km or 10 km race need the guardian’s signature on the form provided by the Organizer during Race Kid pickup.
  • If you want to nominate someone to pick up the Race Kit on your behalf, please make sure to authorize him or her to sign on HBHM Terms & Conditions on your behalf using the Organizer’s LOA form.
  • 5. Race Course conditions

  • Halong Bay Heritage Marathon is almost flat course. However, a gentle slopes that lead to the Bai Chay Bridge will be a little challenge to those who want to take full and half marathon
  • A part of the races will take place on open streets with vehicle traffic, as traffic cannot be blocked for whole route. There will be polices, security guards and volunteers, therefore runners will have priority over other road users. Please obey their instructions. .
  • 6. The course map

    The official course map now is available on website with details of all marked check points as well as water stations and aid stations

    7. Route set up, services and logistic

  • There will be Bag Drop at the starting venue. You can check-in your personal bag at Bag Drop Booth, however we highly recommend you leave all valuable items at your hotel. WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PERSONAL BELONGINGS
  • Belongings on race day: Please leave personal belongings in a bag or backpack. Please mark your personal belongings clearly with your name and BIB number! Do not place any valuables among the items you hand in on race day. Although the personal belongings are under staff surveillance, the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon organizers cannot be held responsible for any lost items.
  • The organizer will provide runners with a fenced private area in front of and behind the Start/Finish Line to guarantee their privacy and ensure that they will not be disturbed.
  • Kilometer signs: Kilometer signs can be found along the entire route. Owing to the conditions, however, they may be placed +/- meters from the exact point. The signs are therefore only for orientation and runners shouldn’t calculate speed based only on the signs.
  • Race officials: English-speaking race officials from Quang Ninh Department of Culture and Sport, other Authorities Departments and DHA Vietnam are in charge of the event. All decisions made by the rangers, race officials and medical team are final. This also includes removing a participant from the race.
  • Refreshments:
    i. At the Start/Finish line and every 3km, a water station will be set up to deliver water to each participant. The race supporters will distribute the water to all runners.
    ii. There will be water, alkaline ionized water and high-energy fruits at each Water Station.
    iii. Personal supplies: Personal supplies (energy gels, food, drinks, clothes, etc.) can be places at selected water stations along the route. Personal supplies must be clearly marked with your bib number and which water station they are to be placed at and hand to organizer during Race Kit distribution
  • 8. The Start/Finish Line

  • The Start/Finish Line of the race is in the location of 30/10 square Hong Hai ward, Halong, Quang Ninh, next to the Museum and Library of Halong. The Start/Finish Line is at center beachfront area allowing easy access from other tourist sites in the area.
  • You are required to be at Start Line 30 minutes before the Start of the races
  • Transportation to the Start Line: You can reach the Start Line by various transportation methods, such as: taxi, car, motorbike, etc.
        i. We provide free transportation to the Start Line for runners who will stay in our official hotels in Halong. Details of transportation schedule will be announced to runners and on our website 10 days prior the race.
        ii. You can take a taxi to Start Line if you will stay at other hotel. Please ask your hotel reception for assistance. It takes about 20 minutes (around 8 to 10km) from Bai Chay to the Start Line at Hon Gai island.
  • 9. Runner’s briefing

  • There will be a briefing before the race, which will take place in our official hotel in Halong on Nov 24 in the afternoon to provide runners all necessary and useful information for the race day.
  • The schedule will be announced to all runners in 10 days prior the race day.
  • 10. Photo Opportunities

  • The Organizer will arrange professional photographers and video cameraman at some nice view location of the running course.
  • All photos will be posted on our website for free in 10 days after the race. Please don’t forget to access our website and get photos of your unforgettable moment with Halong Bay Heritage Marathon.
  • 11. Event Agenda: The tentative event agenda is available on our website

    12. Registration fee’s benefits

  • The registration fees are included: The fee to join the race, Race Kit and Finisher Medal for full, half marathon and 10km; The fee to join the race, T-shirt and Finisher Medal for 5km fun run. Please see running kit for more details.
  • The registration fee are excluded your personal transportation costs, airfares, accommodations, meals, insurances and other personal costs.
  • 13. Timing Chip

  • Timing Chip systems will be set up at the Start /Finish Line
  • In 42km, 21km and 10km category, the Organizer will distribute timing chips for all runners
  • All runners are responsible for any damage to the timing chip and are liable for compensation.
  • Timing chip must be returned to the organizer upon finish in order to receive the Finisher Medal.
  • 14. BIB numbers
    All runners must wear the official BIB number that will be handed out the day before the race in the Race Kit. The BIB number must be worn visible during the race on the front of your body

    15. Finisher Medals

  • HBHM committee will provide Finisher-Medal for all runners who are completed their chosen distances
  • Runners have to return Timing Chips at the Finish area after completing the race to receive Finisher Medals
  • 16. Race Result: The record will be posted in 10 days after the events.

    17. Visa to Vietnam and notice about accommodation from foreign runners to the Organizer

  • All foreign runners are responsible for their purpose of visiting Vietnam, included the participation in Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2017, during their visa application and immigration.
  • According to Security Regulation and Policies from Quang Ninh provincial authority for any International Events, you are required to share accommodation information during your stay in Halong with the Organizer. If you will not choose our official hotels, please inform us your hotel address.
  • We disclaim all responsibilities if you deny providing us your hotel information in Halong.


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