Legend has it that thousands of years ago, many dragons landed from the sky to help Vietnamese people to fight invaders, after that, created many beautiful islands. Come to Halong Bay Heritage Marathon to discover the beauty of the land which being told to be a “Heaven on Earth”.

It is not a coincidence that Ha Long (Quang Ninh province, Vietnam) is recognized by UNESSCO of being a nature heritage, one of seven wonders in the world. Formed by about 2000 islands of all sizes in the middle of the beautiful ocean, Halong bay is considered a cradle of culture of enormous biodiversity and archeological value.

In Halong, tourist can explore many breath-taking types of scenery, namely “Hon Coc”, “Hon Trong Mai”, “Ngoc Vung” island, “Ti Top” island, “Tuan Chau” island, “Sung Sot” cave, “Thien Cung” cave. ***. Majestic islands, magical caves, deep blue waters surrounded by limestone mountains, altogether create Halong bay of a magical attraction.

Every year, Halong Bay receives thousands of tourists coming to explore the untouched nature beauty, as well as enjoying romantic scenery while cruising on the waters. It certainly a must-try experience for all travel-lovers.

Particularly, in November 2016, there will be a special way to enjoy all this beautiful landscape, by joining Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2016. Beside all the sight-seeing tours offered, there will be a 21km running track along the coast. From “Bai Chay” bridge, you will have in your sight an enormous beach, majestic mountains as well as bright welcoming smiles from friendly locals alongside the running track. It will certainly be an experience which cannot be resisted by any travel-lover in Halong Bay, a place dubbed as “Heaven on Earth”.

Halong Bay Heritage Marathon will be professionally held with sport and technical advice from many experts from Australia, as well as with the help of many friendly volunteers from Vietnam. This event is expected to receive many athletes from Asia such as Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia as well as ones from USA, France, UK, Germany and the rest of the world.

Imagine hundreds of runners running not only to find out the winners but also to enjoy 21km of unexpected charming beauty of Halong. Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2016 awaits your participation.


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