If you enjoyed our first edition of interesting facts about Vietnam, you’ll certainly enjoy the sequel. While much of the world doesn’t know much about Vietnam, it truly is an amazing country with a lot of interesting things to explore and discover. There’s simply much more than beautiful natural landscape that this S-shaped curved country has to offer.

Here are 10 more interesting facts that will leave yo intrigued:

- Fanispan mountain, often dubbed “the roof of Indochina” is the highest point in Vietnam as well as the Indochina region reaching a height of 3,143 meters.

- In 2010, the capital city of Hanoi celebrated its 1,000 year anniversary, a festive celebration that brought visitors from all around Vietnam as well as the world.

- All provinces and terrorities in Vietnam share the same time zone so you never have to worry about adjusting to the time when traveling in Vietnam

- Vietnam boasts the world’s largest cave in Son Doong at over 5km long and a total measured volume of 38.5 million cubic meters. Since 2013, the cave has been open to tourists, however be sure to book your trip well in advance and expect a hefty fee.

- Vietnam is actually two words written in Vietnamese as “Việt Nam,” which means “people living in the south.”

- Ho Chi Minh city was formerly called Saigon before 1975. The locals here often still use the old name to refer to the city.

- Over 90% of the registered vehicles in Vietnam are motorbikes or scooters, which dominate the streets and often cause heavy traffic in congested cities

- Many couples in Vietnam will consult psychics and horoscope experts to determine a “good date” to get married. Some even go as far as checking if they are compatible before saying their vows.

- There are many floating villages in Vietnam, such as Cua Van in Halong or more commonly in the Mekong delta region. In the past, people who lived here, rarely or never even set foot on land.

- Vietnam is one of the few countries in the world where people will consume animal blood in gelatin form called “TietCanh.” The most popular animals to use to create this dish are pig blood, duck blood, and even dog blood.


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