There is a famous saying: "Happiness is not a destination, but a journey." On the journey to the destination of Halong Bay Heritage Marathon, you will have unforgettable moments with such beauty in "the paradise" of forests, mountains, and the sea ... These wonderful, impressive memories with Halong Bay Heritage Marathon are yours to experience.

What will you see when running on Halong Bay Heritage Marathon race track?

A blend of vibrant greens and blues.

By all means, Halong is a magnificent bay is located in the northern region of Vietnam, and not by chance that the UNESCO recognized Ha Long Bay as a world natural heritage. Gentle blue waters spreading out beneath the road runs through the Bai Chay Bridge, where the wind will carry the salty taste of the sea to fill your chest and bring you the new vitality of life. The lush green of leaves curving along the roadsides surrounded by mountains will make you feel like gliding through the greenness of nature.


Mysterious caves.

The attraction of Ha Long Bay will be discovered in the islands, large and small, around the vast sea. It lies in the caves and the limestone mountains of all shapes and sizes, created by the hand of nature. Rest assured that after seeing them, you would wish to once touch all various shapes of stalactites and rocks undergoing thousands of years of natural sediment. If you are an adventurous person, Halong Bay Heritage Marathon will certainly give you a divine experience.

The friendly smile.

On THE JOURNEY of 21km of Halong Bay Heritage Marathon, you will be welcomed by the friendly smiles of Vietnamese people along the coast where the fishermen return with the boat full of fish, or in a small market – a gathering place for locals with lots of interesting items for sale, or by the seaside where frolic kids watching sunrise. These bright and full-of-love smiles are not that always easy to find in other journeys anywhere else.

The majesty of nature, mysterious caves and friendly smiles of locals are more than ready to welcome you to Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2016 - a journey for those who love to explore and exercise.


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