It is your first time here in Vietnam or you have no clue how to get to Halong, here are some basic tips that might be useful.

What if you choose to go to Halong from Hanoi? Apparently the best way to go Halong from Hanoi or Haiphong is by bus.

We will provide bus service to get runners from Hanoi to Halong on 24 November and it will take you back to Hanoi on 25 November after the race. The bus is comfort with aircon and tv for entertainment. Ticket will cost US$ 8 (or VND 150,000) each way. The pickup point is downtown at V+ Hoa Binh Trading Center, 505 Minh Khai street, Hai Ba Trung district. We will drop you off at our official hotels, which always are located in central of Halong. You definitely will travel with only our runners. You can sign up here to book the bus:

There are also many local buses to Halong. Local bus is cheap, usually around US$ 6-8  each way. There will be a bus leaving every 30 minutes. However, local bus does not have the comfortable one might need since it might be packed with local during the weekend and the bus will stop anywhere on the road to get customer. There are several bus stations in Hanoi or Halong, which have busses to take you to Halong and back Hanoi. However bus stations are usually not downtown located.

If you are willing to swing a couple more buck, you can get a private service bus. It will cost you around  $US 12 -15  each way, but will get all the comfortable with big seat, aircon, tv for entertainment. These buses will non-stop along the way to pick up customer. They usually operate with tour company so you can check with them.

Other than that, a private 4-seater car or taxi is always a good option when it comes to privacy and comfort. However, that privacy and comfort will cost you around US$ 60 to  US$ 80 one-way and US$ 80 to US$ 100 two-way. Take note that 2 or more day trip will result in extra fee since you will have to take care of the driver.

If you want to go straight to Halong from Noi Bai airport, taxi or private car might be the only option. You can check it out at Travel Information booth in Noi Bai airport. The cost is around US$ 75 – US$ 85 depends on the car brand.

Some of you might choose to take a flight to CatBi airport in Hai Phong province and go to Ha Long from there. You will have less option for transportation. The taxi or private car will cost around US$ 40 – US$ 45.


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