If you’re concern about not having access to western food, particularly fast food, you can rest assure that it won’t be a problem in Vietnam. Since the normalization of relations between the US and Vietnam during the mid 1990s, we have seen a proliferation of western fast food chains propping up in Vietnam.

It isn’t just one or few restaurants here and there, but rather a vast expansion of chain stores located throughout Vietnam.

These brands are eyeing a share of a market which boast over 90 million people and a majority under the age of 35. For these companies, Vietnam is a great potential market to expand their global domination. Some of the longer established brands include KFC chicken, Pizza Hut, and Korean based Lotteria have recently faced new emerging rivals such as Popeye’s chicken (my personal favorite), Dominoe’s Pizza, and even healthier choices as Subway. Perhaps the most famous brand of all, McDonald’s ubiquitous golden arch arrived in Ho Chi Minh city two years ago and will be looking to expand soon.

If you’re looking for your beverage fix, Vietnam does now have Starbucks as well as other well known brands such as Tea and Leaf and Coffee Bean. However, don’t expect these stores to open 24h or to have drive through (except for one McDonald). Nevertheless, you can be sure you won’t be deprived of western food if you need it. If not, we do encourage you to eat the yummy local food.


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